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Why Valentine's

Posted on 02.14.2011 at 09:55
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I missed the past two days of writing. Thus, I'm a little cranky. I could write about Valentine's Day, particularly since I don't have anything else on my mind to write about here, but I have fiction to catch up on. And with my current mindset, I doubt I could manage anything sincere and, if not eloquent, then at least coherent on the subject of love.

Sometimes, you run across a piece by someone else that discusses the subject with all the eloquence you could hope for. Myself, I can be of two minds on Valentine's Day. When I'm in a relationship, I'm all for it. Bring on the heart-shaped decorations and chocolates and flowers. I'm impervious to the excesses of sentiment, no doubt because I myself am partaking to some extent. When I'm single, well, I find it all too easy to become bitter and jealous. I could hate on the holiday pretty hard.

Cat Valente wrote up this essay about why Valentine's Day is important. It puts the cynical view of V Day into perspective.

The whole thing's worth reading, but here's one of my favorite bits, about the importance of holidays in general:

And no, I'm sorry. It doesn't work to say "make every day special." First of all, most of you know damn well that you don't shower your partner with gifts and adoration and that most precious of things: dedicated, mindful time every day of the year. Even the best relationship is not a 24/7 orgiastic festival of plenty and perfect moments. No human can sustain it. If every day is special, none of them are. If every day is special, specialness becomes monotony. What makes days special is the time between, the anticipation of a the day, the planning, the surprises, coming together, cooking, playing, reveling in sheer time, watching the dedicated colors and rituals that wire our brain for pleasure spring up in the world to remind us that we live in it. The entire purpose of holidays is that they are a kind of otherworld we step into, full of special symbols, that informs and shapes everyday lifeand some of life, no matter how some bloggers would like to deny it in their Grinchitude, is always everyday.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Share the love.

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